December 14, 2011
Pieces of Jacmel, Haiti
July 31, 2012
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Gantry Plaza State Park is located in Queens, NY. If you have ever traveled to Manhattan by way of the Queensborough bridge you will be passing over the park. When you get into the city and your driving on the FDR you can see the lights from the highway. The most noticeable sign of Gantry Park is the big neon red Pepsi-Cola sign, you cant miss the big red lights. I figured I would take a walk from one end of the pier to the next and capture what I believe are my best views of the city, park, signs and buildings. The pier has a number of informational signs; signs to keep the patrons that utilize the park from tainting its natural beauty, and signs to inform you on how to use the parks facilities and directions. I will probably revisit this area again because of its rich nature for photography, I’m sure as a New York photographer its not a place that is rare for exposure. This is my vantage point of Gantry Plaza, although a place many photographers frequent this is my FIRST time taking photographs, Enjoy!

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