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November 28, 2011
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January 12, 2012
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Hashtag! Don’t believe the propaganda. The definition of the word Propaganda means to communicate in such a way to influence the toughts and emotions of a choice group of people in order to benefit a cause. We can use propaganda to market something useful. We can use propaganda to turn people against a view that is opposite to your own belief. We all use propaganda, but do we use it to benefit the society in a positive way. Social networks these days are a huge way to display the thought on our minds to a wider audience of people. Using the internet now has a greater influence than television. Without internet the TV’s and computers we have in our homes are useless. Internet will serve as a backbone for propaganda for years to come. As a graphic designer I create all kinds of designs from business cards to posters, these designs are forms of marketing tools and all fall under the category of propaganda. I’m hoping with this hashtag, some awareness to propaganda will shift to a more positive light. One way or the other there are differences in truths and we will always support the views we hold true to ourselves. All I ask from you folks is: #DontBelieveThePropaganda!

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