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August 4, 2012
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December 30, 2012
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It’s been a week since Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast and has affected people from Massachusetts to Virginia. The devastation of a once thriving area was halted by natures ability to be destructive and swift without ample warning. Last year Irene came for a visit and we were reminded of how a Hurricane can be a life threatening experience. In our very robust New York lifestyle we often don’t get the chance to think about natural disasters. Once again a year later Sandy comes and gives us that same reminder, yet this time with a stronger presence. With wind speeds of 90 miles per hour we’ve experienced power outages, 1000’s of uprooted trees, broken telephone pools, live wires, fires, floods, damaged homes and vehicles. In the aftermath there are people who have lost their lives and families separated for fear of safety, airplane delays, looting’s, robberies and a gas shortage to say the least. Through the worst there is a hope to overcome these obstacles and the relief efforts have been prompt, the people are coming together with efforts to bring the lost parts of each area back to life. Please take a look at some of the damage captured in the pictures, just a bruise of Sandy’s fury of landed punches in a fight we didn’t expect, but all wounds will heal.

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